Varilsan Packaging which has been constituted in 2006, has been expanding day by day ,thus, this company takes place among the leaders of the reconditioning market . Varilsan Packaging which has a thosand tone waste capacity  for reconditioning along a year, integrate with the quality management systems like ISO14001,9001for every operation systems. Acording to our company policy, it is pretty important that we are respectful for nature, human and the quality.

Our company which has reached on the top of average reconditioning ratios (between %95 and %97),Works with the specialist, experienced and environmentalist staff and  innovator management with a main goal about supplying clean environment and future.Thus, we are  processing our outputs  fast and safely.


We desire that we can be a firm, which is adored by valuable customers in reconditioning market. We’d like to be pioneer and respectful for environment and life valuables.


We’d like to motive this sector with our  innavator praxis and provide to satisfy the reconditioning needs.


  • -      Faithful, transparent, ethics
  • -      Mindful about  occupational health and safety .
  • -      Environmentally conscious
  • -      Creative and innavator.
  • -      Customer focused
  • -      Supporter for employee’s  progress
  • -      Teamwork skills


  • -      Varilsan:
  • -       has %100 principle of customer satisfaction
  • -      İnnavator  Research and Devolopment Department
  • -       Higher  environmental  consciousness


preserves limited and natural sources,

contribute to  natural economy with own outputs,

has the aim of the best quality in market.