It is explicit that the ecosystem balance and natural capital can be exhaustible in our globe. The protection of human health and social welfare are depend on prosecuting of ecosystem. In this way, it should be satisfied not only current generation but also posterity needs innocuously.

We are aware that if it is focused on enrgy and other efficiencies, it can’t be  a real solution for lack of resources because of the population increasing and the healing fort he quality of life in the devoloping countries.

Varilsan Packaging which has been constituted in 2006, has been expanding day by day ,thus, this company takes place among the leaders of the reconditioning market . Renewed packaging can preserve the environment and contribute for national economy. In a conscious way, Varilsan proceeds own reconditioning activities in accordance with work permit from Minsitry of Environment and Urbanisation.

While Varilsan is a new firm, it has numerous experiences in reconditioning market. It has started to provide the quality service in a little while for  almost everywhere in Turkey.  

    Varilsan Packaging, which has a flexible structure , the feature of satisfying the customer’s need fast and all kinds of color and feature, maximise the customer satisfaction.The primary objective is that our techics and technologies should be at ultimate while our firm is protecting the customer’s product.Varilsan ,which applies the current practises urgently,is tech-savvy and progresses as steeled in this market.

In consequence, Varilsan Packaging, which is the one of the pioneer company in the Reconditioning Industry, provides services related to contaminated waste recycling .We guarentee:

-We preserve the environmental management system in accordance with the national and international legislations.

-We communicate  and collaborate with the government agency ,nongovernmental organizations and the other shareholders.

- We work in accordance with the essential principles of environmental management system, ISO 14001: 2004

-We  take great care in the usage of renergy and raw material, technology preference, being prevented waste and pollution, and  the protection of environment.

-We provide to contribute to national economy by reconditioning in the operations.

-We revise our environmental purposes and objectives periodically.

-We supply the continuous improvement for our environmental management system.

-We protect the natural  and human health.

-We attach importance to the encouraging  training activities related to environmental consciousness

-We care the principle of environmental protection.